sell your house

want to sell your house?

Houses Bought Within 2 Weeks

Up to £500 finder fee paid to anyone getting us suitable property

We Buy Houses, flats, bungalows in Bulwell, Hucknall, Rise Park, Bestwood Park, Warren Hill, Arnold, Heronridge, Sherwood and surrounding area’s etc.

Any condition, anything considered

We don’t care what condition they are in, whether they are absolutely gorgeous or in its last legs with loads of work need doing.

Completion within two weeks

From us viewing the property, you can have the money in your bank within two weeks if you wish We can complete within 7 days if you have everything ready or you can take as long as you like-You decide.

Anything from £40,000 to £200,000. Sensible price paid.

Save thousands of pounds on agents fees & mortgage payments

You could decide to take a higher offer off someone else, but if you have to pay the agent £2-3,000, & another £5,000 in mortgage payments because by the time you find a buyer & then when they finally have survey, searches, solicitor delays, quite often private buyers pull out or can’t complete for one reason or another, you then lose the house you was going to buy.

All these problems are why people come to us & wish they’d have done sooner.

Divorce Cases, Probate, Inheritance, Repossessions

We specialise in purchasing properties with all these kind of problems. If you act quickly enough, things can turn out better than you originally thought. Get rid of any charges on your property.

Chains Breaking?

No problem, we can get it back on track. It’s extremely hard to sell a house once it’s been on sale for some time because most people that are /would be interested have already viewed the property.


Many people now would like to release some equity from their property, but still live there. We can buy the house from you & then rent it back to you. Quite often, your rent to us could be cheaper than your existing mortgage.

Let us worry about the boiler etc. Keep the same neighbours who won’t even have to know you’ve sold it. Treat yourself to a car, holiday, furniture whatever you like.

No more repair bills on your house.

We can put things in writing guaranteeing you can stay in the property once we have bought it.

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